Woodrow Wilson House


President Woodrow Wilson bought the home on Embassy Row in the last months of his second term as President of the United States as a gift to his wife, Edith Bolling Wilson.  He presented her the deed in December 1920, although he had never seen the house.  The former president and his wife moved into the home on Inauguration Day, which in 1921 was March 4 (not the current date of January 20). Wilson made several modifications to the house, including: a billiard room, “stacks” for his library of over 8,000 books, and a one-story brick garage.

Welcome to Woodrow Wilson House where we tell the world about Woodrow Wilson – the man, his ideals and his relevance today.

The Woodrow Wilson House is a national historic landmark and house museum that focuses on President Woodrow Wilson’s “Washington Years (1912-1924)”. The museum promotes a greater awareness of Wilson’s public life and ideals for future generations through guided tours, exhibitions and educational programs. The museum also serves as a community preservation model and resource, dedicated to the stewardship and presentation of an authentic collection and property.

As you may know, the acquisition and preservation of Woodrow Wilson House is part of the great movement of historic preservationthat recognizes that our historic sites are irreplaceable national treasures. Noted historian David McCullough tells us that historic places connect with the American people unlike anything else, making history accessible and credible. In fact, most Americans think that museums and historic sites are the most trustworthy sources for exploring the past.  Read Full Article