H Street Playhouse


The H Street Playhouse, is located at 1365 H Street, NE, was opened in  2002 as  100-seat flexible seating black-box theater. For a number of years a group of artists and other professionals have initiated a new  interest in the development of the H Street commercial corridor in northeast Washington, DC. Along with city officials, small business  owners, and a few other theaters, the Theater Alliance and the H Street Playhouse have been at the forefront of a movement that is now  garnering steam to revitalize this area of the nation’s capital. The creation of the H Street Playhouse was the first step in what is  becoming a long awaited renaissance and restoration of this DC community. The primary resident company is Theater Alliance; Forum  Theatre is also in residence having produced their last two seasons at the Playhouse. The H Street Playhouse (including the gallery space) is  be available for all local artists and community organizations to reserve as a place to share their work on a space available basis. Learn More