National Guard Memorial Museum

The National Guard’s rich history is that of dynamic change and continual evolution. For nearly four centuries, Guardsmen from all walks of life have answered the Nation’s call in both peace and war.

As the country’s national museum dedicated to the history of this dynamic organization, the National Guard Memorial Museum takes visitors through 5,600 square feet of images, artifacts and interactive exhibits to tell the story of ordinary men and women who made extraordinary contributions to their communities and their country.

Six core exhibit areas immerse visitors in the Guard of yesterday and today. From colonial times, through the World Wars, to the modern era – timelines, photographs, artifacts, light and sound place visitors in the context of the day while enabling them to interact with exhibits. The museum covers the early Militia Era, the National Guard coming of age, World War II, the Cold War, and the current military and civil missions performed by the modern National Guard.


The National Guard Memorial Museum Mission:

For nearly four centuries, the Citizen Soldier has been our nation’s first response to foreign invasion or natural disaster. From the first organized militia regiments founded in 1636 to the present day, the National Guard Memorial Museum tells the National Guard story.

Through exhibits, educational programming and community outreach, the Museum’s mission is to broaden awareness of the National Guard as an integral part of American society.

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