6231 Little River Tnpk., Alexandria, Va | 703.941.3737 | Korean/Sushi Bar, Buffet
3600 S. Glebe Road, Alrlington, Va | 703.5674036 |

Hee Been was established since 1964, Their name translated from korean is hee which means “fortune” and been which means “customer”.

Hee Been is the premier Korean/Asian fusion buffet in the Washington DC metro area. Hee Been restaurant has received many honors and positive reviews from The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, Zagat and many more. Their restaurant is one of the most recognized Korean restaurants in the Washington DC metro area. Hee Been takes pride and is committed to serving only the best quality Korean cuisine.

Hee Been always use high quality natural ingredients with no M.S.G.when you order a main dish from the menu, they will serve you several small side dishes called banchan featuring pickled vegetables and other korean delicacies. If Korean dining is a new experience for you,  Let them know so that they may introduce you to their unique table-top grills and some enjoyable dining practices.  View Menu