Eastern Market


Nestled in what is known as the Capitol Hill neighborhood, this is the area bounded by North and South Capitol Streets on the west, 15th street on the east and H street on the north and by the Southeast southwest Freeway. Working adults, singles and families with young children largely populate the neighborhood of town houses. This is an old fashioned neighborhood where residents can do their shopping on a daily basis. The flea market of Eastern Market has one of the most diverse markets in the nation. It host up to 100 exhibitors from five continents.

The market participates in a host of holiday and seasonal events to attract visitors, award prices and offer certificates and include those who live in the area into the community. Presently Eastern Market is being met with proposals for renovation. The goal of the renovation plan is to link 8th street’s [Barrack Row] and Eastern Market in order to create a community gathering space.

Beyond the Flea Market. Eastern Market is also known for its cultural attractions, which include the Folger Shakespeare Library and theater and the Library of Congress.

Eastern Market has been featured in scenes of movies including Body of Lies (2008) and Mercury Rising (1998). Learn more