Casbah Cafe

1721 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC | 202-342-7100 | Mediterranean


Enjoy a taste of Morocco with a sprinkle of the Mediterranean at the Casbah Café. Their traditional spice and slow cooking methods combine for the rich tastes of chicken and lamb tajeen. Curried shrimp and stews such as Seafood de Fruite de Mere, a saffron stew of mussels, shrimp and white fish with ginger, tomatoes and carrots or De Laa Lamb, grilled lamb chops with dates, mint and orange sauce celebrate the aromatic flavors of the region. Pita sandwiches, leafy salads, couscous, hummus and other Middle Eastern staples are also served. Sweeten your taste buds with dessert, a choice of canoli pastry, chocolate mousse cake, yaya almond cake or white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

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